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KIT Products
Agilent 3070 Products
  Agilent 3070 half bank
  Agilent 3070 full bank
Teradyne(Genrad) Products
  Genrad 2272/2280-2287
  TS128LH TS128LX(2287L)
TR8001 Products
Wireless Fixture
  TR8001 Wireless Fixture
  TS128LX (2287L)
KIT Products >> Quality Assurance
        Our company was certified in 2006 through the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, and actively introduced a number of advance sophisticated test measuring equipment: such as, 3D projectors, altimeters, microscope, micrometer in accordance with ISO9001:2000 quality system planning and management requirement of strictly enforce overall supervision in the strength of procurement of raw material to production process and quality control of the whole process. To confirm and implement the 3 “noes” principle: “ Do not accept rejected products , not to produce rejected products, no to sale rejected products”,and offer the best quality products to local and foreign customers.
KIT Products >> Top KIT
        Our company Kit’s product comes from special research and manufacturing tested. We have been manufacturing products for Agilent 3070, Genrad, Teradyne and TRI test platform , special customized fixture and Kits We provide full products and technical services for the full range of products manufactured.
        Our standard height of top lid for single side is 20.5mm and for double side is 15.5mm , the max distance is 6.5mm, by adjusting the installed position of probe plate fix block ; it changes the standard frame height of the single and double side, Probe plate thickness of top frame is 15mm and made from light green fibreboard (you can choose ESD Transparent acryl or ESD black fibreboard).We enclosed the relative drawing of top lids with necessarily accessories of finish fixture.
Top KIT Accessories
Name: Top plate stop
Specification: φ12*0.5
Quantity: 30
Name: Guide Shaft
Specification: φ6*40
Quantity: 4
Name: Omron Counter
Specification: H7EC
Quantity: 1
Name: Press Rod Taper_Tight Fit
Specification: φ6*25
Quantity: 100
Name: Press Rod Flat_Tight Fit
Specification: φ8*21.5/16.5
Quantity: 6
Name: Bushing
Specification: φ28*26
Quantity: 4
Name: Guide pin
Specification: φ10*46
Quantity: 4
Name: Side Tooling
Specification: φ6*15
Quantity: 6
Name: Rest pin with spring
Specification: φ8*35.8
Quantity: 8
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